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Lightweight Steel H-Beam

We are a fully integrated Taiwan manufacturer and exporter, supplying welded light gauge steel H sections for general structure. We have high qualified and dedicated workforce which assures you of on-time delivery of high quality products. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.



Product Information

Product Code: LH
Product Name: Lightweight Steel H-Beam (also known as Welded Light Gauge H Steels for General Structures)

Product Feature

Description: The lightweight steel H-beam produced by Yeou Chyr have been widely used in civil and construction engineering. It can be used as the material of ordinary building or construction in places like factory, warehouse, office, school, gym, agricultural greenhouse, knockdown house, car shelter and automobile parking facilities, etc. In addition, it is also applicable for multiple purposes such as the structural beams of automobiles or other mechanical parts.
Outstanding Sectional Performance: The sectional performance of lightweight steel H-beam is far greater in comparison with hot rolled steel H-beam and other steel structural materials when the unit weights are the same.
Various Sizes in Economical Specifications: The size of hot rolled steel H-beam is restricted by its production line. It can only be manufactured in limited size with higher unit weight. By comparison, the size of lightweight steel H-beam is more flexible with smaller unit weight.
High Working Efficiency: The shape of lightweight steel H-beam is simple, and the size of each part is extremely accurate with the Therefore, it helps to simplify the operational steps, reduce the working period and lower processing cost.
Anti-Rust Coating: The lightweight steel H-beam produced by Yeou Chyr undergoes by sand-blast and anti-rust coating. Therefore, no additional anti-rust treatment is required at the construction site.
Save material cost.
Simplify construction processes.
Reduce working period.
Enhance overall efficiency.

Technical Specification

Popular Size (mm):
150 x 75 x 3.2 x 4.5
200 x 100 x 3.2 x 4.5
250 x 125 x 3.2 x 4.5

Standard Length (M):
9, 10, 12

Other sizes are available upon request.
Material: Hot rolled steel.
Welding Method:
High Frequency Weld:
Welding quality assurance (SGS Certified).
Even metallurgical structure at welding position.
Smooth welding line.
High welding speed.
Surface Treatment: Surface is coated with special dark red resin or hot-dip galvanized.
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