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Steel Rectangular Pipe

As Taiwan Steel Tube manufacturer, supplier and factory, our products supplied and exported worldwide relying on our professional talent and good experience. We force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small business to huge manufacturing units. Custom-designs and OEM/ODM services are cordially welcome.


Product Information

Product Code: SP-R
Product Name: Steel Rectangular Pipe

Product Feature

Description: The steel pipes produced by Yeou Chyr have been widely used in the foundation piles of residential house, structure of building, beams of construction pillars and rails, etc. In addition, they are also applicable for multiple purposes like the structural pipes of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, sports facilities and other mechanical parts, etc.
Small ratio of thickness and diameter.
Inner welding bead cleanse.
Multiple and special use.
Enhance overall efficiency.

Technical Specification

Shape of Gauge: Rectangular

Size (mm):
w, l: 21.4 ~ 48.4
t: 1.5 ~ 8.0
w, l: 21.4 ~ 114.3
t: 1.5 ~ 10.0

Other sizes are available upon request.
Material: Hot rolled steel.
Welding Method:
High Frequency Weld:
Welding quality assurance.
Even metallurgical structure at welding position.
Smooth welding line.
High welding speed.
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